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Timid Cattle

Quickest way to have a new cow herd warm up to you? Cubes, been cubing my cows for about 10 days now and now when they see me or any of the vehicles I normally drive they come a running instead of running away.

Cattle are a lot like their owners, quickest way to their heart is through their stomachs.
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Re: Timid Cattle

Good post.


Cubes are the best way to tame and catch cattle that Dad and I have tried.


The downside is that the cattle tend to become too tame.  My dad insists that is my fault, and I cannot disagree with him.


This link is to a video of me feeding cubes to bred heifers last January:  


The photo is self explanatory, if Dad had been in the car the heifer would have had to keep her head out.  I know, I should not allow the cattle to get that tame.





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Re: Timid Cattle

Great video and picture.  Are you sure that is a commercial herd and not a pasture full of pets?  Smiley Very Happy


The cubing I'm doing is also teaching my 13 year old son that the cattle aren't vicious creatures and that although we need to respect their size and weight compared to our own, they generally aren't out to harm us.


My son is showing increased interest in the cow herd so maybe I can offer him a couple bred cows next fall in leu of paying him for his summertime labor.  Just think, if he can keep adding a couple additional head each year, by the time he would be out of college he could have a nice sized PAID FOR herd.  Thoughts to ponder.  Smiley Wink

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Re: Timid Cattle

If your son likes the idea of having his own cattle herd, I think you have a great idea.


Dad had a herd of Corriente cattle when I was in my early-mid teens. Dad now calls cows like the ones he had "circus cattle”. (We have now started preferring black angus.)  Dad and I had a lot of fun with that herd. A couple of times, Dad let me pick one calf out of the herd. Having a financial interest in the herd definitely increased my interest.

I learned a lot from working with the cattle, that went far beyond just cattle experience. Cattle have the ability to teach responsibility, decision making, and accounting, all of which are valuable.


I still like cattle, especially the paperwork. I try to keep current photos, and records for all of the cattle we have. I also like feeding cubes. Smiley Happy


Here is a picture of one of the “circus cows” from several years ago.


Edited because image did not post.


cattle 061.jpg




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