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Tis the season

of tough winter now.


sooo less beef tonnage available and it shows...$122cwt traditional fats in KS this week..both steers and heifers.


say an easy run over the next 3 weeks to say $135cwt.


And, there's no Real resistance to $153cwt.  I.e. Weather provided.


looks like the weather effect of reduced tonnage...i.e. Lighter harvest weights thru May.

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Re: Tis the season

sold my last 120 steer calves yesterday ,Sim x Ang., 7+ weights .......... $243 ..... SoCen and SoWest Wisconsin area.

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Re: That's a Lot of dough

Bout $110 cwt higher than the SW.


hope those workfor the buyer there.

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Ooooops ....

After seeing what you said I re-read what I posted and see I had a fat finger moment on the phone.....


should have read $143/cwt. ....... not  $243.


sorry for the mess up.  

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Re: Ooooops ....darn, i

Was hoping you had some local big time basis gains there.


oh well,  maybe next week.

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