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Vacciination after birth.

What do you guys like to shoot into the babies for medicine after calf is born. Within 24 hours I give mine A,D,E and a shot of scour gaurd, I've had some guys tell me they do a lot more and my neighbor buddy doesnt even do anything.

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Re: Vacciination after birth.

All our calves get is a shot of 7-way.

The single best thing, IMHO, to prevent disease during calving, is to calve in a 'clean' place, and preferrably not in a dirt lot.

I feed my cows on a little 5 acre dryland cornfield until the first calf is ready to drop, then move them onto a hard grass calving pasture, where they haven't been fed since last spring.  Most of your disease problems are found in the manure, and having them penned up, just accelerates the spread.

Usually, when other people with similar sized herds are talking about the calves lost, and how many had to go to the vet, my comment is along the lines of 'yea, I had to give one or two a shot already'.

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