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Video: Bearish corn good for livestock producers?

Mike McGinnis met with Iowa Secretary of Agriculture, Bill Northey today to discuss ethanol and a possible underlying benefit for livestock producers in regards to current corn prices. Find a video of his interview here.



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Re: Video: Bearish corn good for livestock producers?

You guys have grains you can't export, the Russians and Ukrainians are undercutting everyone over here in the export stakes, and our harvest was nothing like as bad as feared. Personally have seen a £25/MT drop in the last 6 weeks for feed wheat. I can't see any real reason for any bullish sentiment, personally can see cereal prices on this side of the pond as being very week for the next 12 months unless we have a real disaster or the funds/speculators find more reason to buy into commodities again.


Also the on going Greek financial saga is killing the Euro and Sterling values, hence the rise in the strength of the dollar, this makes imports more expensive over here. 

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