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Veteran Advisor

WOW. whenever there's things like a $1.01 Trillion in

domestic governement spending..hang on to your hat on things like cattle.


forget "jumping over the moon," cattle headed to Mars now.  MO.


The House has passed it..the Senate will follow and Pres is Very Likey to Sign this deal.


do your homework: the Clinton spending bill, then Bush JR.

( each time cattle went up Over 50% net of what they were the year b 4).



Thank God for Uncle...MO.


Let's talk $330 to $340cwt live cash fat cattle for 2015 ( say bout the 3rd quarter ).


heck that's still a cheap 1/4 pound bout $1.75 for the total beef in it.


Quite a bit of  " Room " for cattle to go.  MO.


Maybe we need to get to $1 per ounce ( say avg $16 per lb retail Beef ) like the rest of the globe pays.

then the Beef in that 1/4 pounder costs bout $2.60 per burger...still Dam cheap.



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