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Weather Losses

It  has  been  a  brutal  10  days  of  livestock  turmoil  in  the  Northern  Plains  -  the  lo$$  will  be  numbing - ?   

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Re: Weather Losses

It`s sad, you can lose everything in one day.   It really seems the dollar risk that farmers and ranchers take on, there should be a much higher profit margin or at least a profit margin.   But, after disasters are forgotten, the survivors go back to bidding their profit right up to the edge and you either follow their lead of bidding like tomorrow will be a warm sunny day or you`re out of the game.


More than the stars

the weather losses this year are so far " more than the stars ".

lots of beef tonnage loss compared to normal .

theres enough tonnage loss that it's like harvesting 10% less cattle.


And it's not getting better....Quite a few folks round 65 years old are simply hauling what's left to town and selling em......never to be in cattle again.


And it's now grilling season.

The deal is going higher but there's enough bad taste in producers mouths to puke at the crooked 

packing mess.


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Re: More than the stars

Revisit  the  Congressional  voting  on  packer  Consolidation  -  puke -ing  might  be  in  order  there,  as  GIPSA  being  a  4  letter  word  on  the  AG  co- mitty  - - -     

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Re: More than the stars

Wouldn't  want  to upset  or  disappoint  those  folks  on  K  street  in  D  C ,  that  barter  those  lobbyist$  pork  from  being  spent  appropriately - maybe ?      

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