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What are the advantages of pellet feed?

Pellet feed accounts for about 70% of developed countries. With the development of animal husbandry and aquaculture, the importance of pellet feed production has become more and more significant. Compared with powdered feed, pellet feed has the following advantages:
First, the classification phenomenon is avoided when the finished product is transported.
Second, prevent picky eaters of livestock and poultry from causing unbalanced nutrition.
Third, reduce dust during transportation of finished products and reduce the loss of trace elements.
Fourth, the starch gelatinizes due to steam during the pelleting process, which improves the digestibility of feed.
Fifth, adding molasses and fat during pelleting improves the palatability of the feed.
Sixth, the use of steam pressure in granulation can also reduce poisoning, sterilization, insecticide, and reduce livestock and poultry diseases.
Seventh, pellet feed for livestock and poultry has a significant weight gain effect-excrement and reduced feed consumption.

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