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What to Seed With Fescue

We had a hay field that had been taken over by Johnson Grass, so we had one of our friends that is a row corp farmer come in and spray it with Round Up to kill it.  Next spring he is going to plant it in corn, then next fall we are going to sow it down in grass for hay again.  The filed was previously KY 31 tall fescue but, due to the toxicity of KY 31 we are going to go back with one of the novel endophyte fescues.  I want to seed some other type of grass with the fescue and am currently leaning towards Persist Orchardgrass.  My question is will this be a good match, or do I need to be looking at something else?

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Re: What to Seed With Fescue

We do orchard grass here. But it won't take much heat. So if it works in your area, it's the best I know of. Usually within a few years the fescue takes over and kind of overwhelms the orchard grass. I also like to mix a legume, but the deer always eat it so bad it only lasted a year or so.
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