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When the Cube Truck Runs Out of Cubes…..

…..use the backhoe.


Saturday the cube truck ran out of cubes, and after seeing the disappointed bovines on Sunday, I decided to try to cube them Monday.


With as wimpy as I am, there was no way I was going to be able to reload the cube truck myself, so I had to think of a different way to get cubes to the bovines. The backhoe quickly became my best option.


With the backhoe, I was able to use the forks on the front to take a pallet back to their bunks and also keep the pallet raised enough that I could pull the bags off of the pallet without having to lift them. Also, the backhoe’s back bucket was a great place to put the emptied feed bags and haul them to the dumpster.


Pics as follows:


Taking pallet to bovines. (I know the pallet looks stupid on the backhoe forks, but it got the job done.)



Filling the first bunk. (Apologies for photographing the scrawny white eyesore. She is half the size of some of her pasture mates, but makes up for it in attitude. Also, she is too ugly to resell.)



Almost half done.



Last bag. (I interpret their looks as, “We want to eat, so scram.”)



Yes, I got all 40 bags and the shrink wrap stuffed in the bucket.



The empty pallet.



A few of the bovines approved.



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Re: When the Cube Truck Runs Out of Cubes…..

Is that white one ol' woody tongue?

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Re: When the Cube Truck Runs Out of Cubes…..

Unfortunately, this is not woody tongue, and we have a handful of "uglies."


We have moved from Penicillin to Draxxin on "woody tongue."  The Draxxin has reduced the swelling, but she still is not the picture of health.


The white one in my second picture is a healthy eyesore with lots of attitude and energy, and her antics are always entertaining to watch.



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