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Your perfect bull

So, say you can genetically craft the perfect herd sire. What traits would you value most? Here's an interesting piece I was just glancing through about the future of selection for disease resistance and how it could have a huge economic impact on herd development. 


So, what goes in to your "Super Bull?"

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Re: Your perfect bull

I would venture to say that if one has a good vaccination program then disease just isn't a problem.  The one thing the article really didn't touch on is breeding offspring.  My goal for my cows is that they wean off a calf using a 205 day ratio that is 50% of the cow's weight.  It never really did make much sense to have 1500 pound cows weaning off a 550 pound calf when a 1000 pound cow could wean off a 500 pound calf.  A cow/calf operator can run a lot more 1000 pound cows on a section of grass than they can 1500 pound cows.  When I buy a herd bull, I look at a variety of things.  The first thing and probably most important to me is the frame score.  The larger the frame score the larger the bull which means they'll more than likely produce larger heifers which is something I don't want.  Then I look at the EPD's and such.  Considering I typically retain my calves and run them through my feedlot, I'm a lot more interested in feed conversions than about weaning weights.   

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