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b a $10,000,000 Bull Sale if SAV

averages $20k per on 500 Angus Bulls Today.


It has a good chance of happening ( on the 1st 175 head there's 4 head brought just bare touch below 10k.....plenty in the 50k to $725k per range ).


More Is Alway More.

less is Never more.


Pray to Jesus and Run the Cattle

They's Thee Only 2 Ways We Can Change Tomorrow.  MO




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Re: b a $10,000,000 Bull Sale if SAV

before you saddle up and ride off..

one would think KFC would rename co to KFP&B

appears those Japanese "burgers" are now selling for 490 yen as of Feb 5.

moah than a bushel of US corn-

precisely, $4.16 (US)

buffalo maybe cheaper, less cholesterol 2..course there's that COOL sticker issue-

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Re: Apples to Apples julie, if folks Preferred corn burgers

then they might buy less beef burgers.


i kinda Doubt that's gonna happen.


COOL is an Easy deal Now.

i'm actually kinda glad that Canada once again has another bse.


maybe Folks will Start to Get a Clue??

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Re: Apples to Apples julie, if folks Preferred corn burgers

19 cases and counting..

quick update

CFIA officials again emphasized on Friday’s call that no part of Case 19’s carcass got into Canada’s food or feed supply. The case was discovered as part of the Canada-Alberta BSE surveillance program.

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487 bulls, avged $18,440+ per. Not ,




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