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cattle lives

CME cattle - last several months, big up move, then big sell off, but mkt just can't stay down, repeating I think we are in a big cycle change, beef supply is waning slightly, cow herd has been liquidated more than known.  Long bull ahead, especially in feeder cattle.

 Fits and starts, but over 2-3 yrs? I think its big

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Re: cattle lives

I hope you're right.  We could stand to make some money on these cattle sometime.

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Re: cattle lives

Fat cattle numbers short right now.  Big placements in the last several months will create a glut come fall.  Will be lots of feeders coming off grass late summer and fall too.  Tough markets to come.  Enjoy the good now and if you can hedge a profit I think it is best to do it.


Broader economy expected to slow.  High unemployment.  Don't bet on the consumer to hold things together.

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Re: cattle lives

I find it interesting that feeder cattle futures go out to ONLY may of 2011-also fed cattle-- but milk to 2012--maybe best thing we have going for us cow - calf guy's!! 

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