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cow sale

Was in Ft Pierre on Saturday second calvers top price 4000 per head  good quality heifers 3200 to 3300 might not be over just yet like the paper cowboys think.

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Re: Pretty Nice 3 year olds here West of The Rio Grande

been in the $1,780 range ( just not all Blacks ).



The big frame Black Solid to Young Side Broken Mouth cows been costing $1,650 per.


Everything is calfing Now.


Big Pairs...250 to 300 lb frame calves ( Hair Like a Bear ) on em are $2,150 per pair.



There have been just a few 3 year old Blacks on up to $3,200 also.


Cash Feeder cattle, say they are pretty steady:

there was a set of char x angus steers weighed 440 at $310cwt (  weaned had all their shots etc ):


say the 650 to 7 wt yearlings ( steers ) are in the 228 to 235 cwt range here.



We had alot of cattle snowed out last week ( 5  ranches, each bringing a load of weaned calves could not get to town...also a couple loads of cows weathered out 2 ).



..assuming the weather cooperates, gonna be quite a few moving cattle now.





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