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feed wagons

I am looking to purchase a feed wagon and am most familiar with a Knight reel Auggie.  But I want to know other producers think about other brands of feed wagons.  I will be feeding some ground hay, screenings, modified distillers.  Thank you for your help.


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Re: feed wagons

I have a knight reel mixer.  I have had 3 of them over the years. I thing the one I have now is a 3160.  600 cubic feet.  Over the winter I wanted to get a vertical auger mixer so I could dump large round bales in my mix.  I demoed about 4 differnet brands of mixers.  There was a big differnce in the mixing of them.  Some  of the mixers I demoed , would not mix the feed if you let it run all day long.  They had dead spots in them.  Some of them mixed well.  But and the big but is , it takes those vertical mixers much longer to mix the feed.  With to reel mixer we dump the last bucket of silage in and let it run about 2 mins and its done.  The verticals take quite awhile to mix.  Even the best performing one I tried took about 10 mins to mix the feed.  Take that times 5 loads a day times 365 loads a year thats 48 hours of extra run time. 


Then I had other problems.  It take alot of power to run the vertical auger mixers,  and when you shut it off it is really hard to get it restarted started.  It was so bad we started just driving it to the barn with it running.  One of the mixers had a two speed gear box.  But it was extremly difficult to get it to change gears.  We would be burning up pto clutches all the time if we were running vertical mixers. 



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Re: feed wagons

Country boy I have had 4 auger and reel mixers. Currently I am running a 3450 Knight Reel mixer. I really like it we feed cornsilage haylage wet corn and our protien mix.  The mix time is great 5 minutes and it is overmixed. I also like the fact that I can run a slide chute instead of augers or a chain discharge. one less thing to break.

If you are going to grind up dry hay you will need a verticale mixer but then Behog told you their draw backs.  Also you will need about 50 more horse than what you are told to run one. JR

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