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load time

How long can a load of Holstein 500 steers be trucked safely. May take a chance and buy a load on auction site Superior..trying to get my nerve up..may be my last chance to raise some livestock if I can find a place to market...been trying for 5 years to start raising either hogs or cattle and feed out the little bit of grain from my little operation-168 acres.


As i have posted several times-to many happy memories working with livestock in the 60s and having a feeder pig operation in the 70s.

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Re: load time

15 to 25 hours on the truck is plenty if they're strong when loaded.


Heck, either buy beef hiefer calves, some beef steer calves or cow calf pairs.

MUCH higher end resale market for you converting feed on those vs holstiens.


450 lb calves here costing $130 cwt to $150 cwt., which is well within a decent profit range just backgrounding em and laying em back off on the feeder cattle board.


I have a NICE set of weaned 475 lbs steers ( 575 wt frames to em, great weighing conditions for you and healthy cattle mostly blacks, be 25 Hereford or Char x steers on the load ) on hand right now, takes $146 cwt...


cell is 505-215-0387


Cow calf pairs ( cows bred back ) with calves big enough to wean on em are costing $1,150 to $1,500 per pair just depends on  total pair weight, age of the cow, type of cow ie black or red,  etc., etc..





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Re: load time

By the looks of your phone number, are you near Springer, New Mexico? I worked 6-8 weeks on a ranch there after graduating from ISU long ago. Don Florsheim's Jaritas Ranch was the place. Know of him??

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Re: load time

You guys don't like Holstein beef either? Very rare over here, more common to see beef systems using crosses. However, you can buy Holstein bull calves very cheaply from many dairy farmers, £50/head for good ones, maybe free if they don't look great. A lot of guys just used to shoot them or send them to the slaughter house where they would take their skins and livers at a few days of age.


12-14 months on a cereal diet and off they go. They don't grade well though and if they aren't off the place by 14 months they start to cost big money. Thing is with a beef diet from me costing £200-£220/t delivered the margin in the job is pretty small to start with. 

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