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Re: 3D printing: What would you most like to print for your shop?

I don't know enough about 3D printing to be sure what to think.  It looks like a printer that handles plaxtics costs hundreds or thousands of dollars.  I'm not sure what a printer that would handle metal would cost.

I could see it would be nice to print a 30mm wrench.  It's an odd-ball sized wrench that I only need on rare occasions and an inch wrench isn't readily available and an adjustable wrench might be too clumsy.  What would it take to print a metal wrench that was strong enough and had enough accuracy in size to do the job?  I dont' know.

I can see printing idlers and tensioner pulleys out of hard plaxtic.  Maybe  guy could make a new fan.

It would seem to me that generally the candidates for 3D printing would be odd-ball, hard to get, specially designed, not need great durability, and so forth.  I can think of all kinds of things to make, just not sure where it's economically feasible.