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Re: Alarm System for Barn?

Hi. I've looked into it and still haven't done
anything, since there is not exactly what I
one thing I wanted fire protection, but unheated that drives the sensors nuts
When it gets cold, they actually go off.
The only system I was told would work
Is a laser type sensor. The smoke would
Cut the beam and go off, but what if you
Have dust and dirt? ?
You can get control a controller that will call
Or message you, rather than call 911, which
If things go off quite a bit, they get mad.
Also you can get a device that will create
A phone Jack, then link to a cell phone via
Bluetooth. You can get one of these cheap
Phones that only run $5 to $10 mo.
If you get the right controller, you own
It and no service fee.

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