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Big Data - Think About It

Editor Dave Mowitz has a report on how to think about Big Data as presented at the recent Tools of the Future conference sponsored by Successful Farming in Des Moines.


I was there and found it a useful conference.  As usual, you get as much out of the lunch-time and hallway chats as you do the presentations.


One speaker says Big Data is so overwhelming you need to find a Logo type partner (by that I think he means a big name like John Deere, Pioneer, Monsanto or some other comprehensive partner) who can help you bring the power and scope of their processing capability to your information management tasks.


But, it was point out that data shared is date that you lose ownership of.  So, one alternative was to starting learning early how to be your own information management system.  In other words, learn to do yourself what one presenter said was too big to do yourself.


Which is it?  Share data and give it up, or hold data and not use it's full potential?  Or is there some third way?  will someone write software that will let you play your hand close to the vest and still play with the big boys?

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