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Do You Still Answer Your Phone?

Living in Iowa, an early caucus state, one gets a ton of political phone calles.  You can't pu them on the Do Not Call Registry.  Therefore, we are at the point where we very seldom answer a telephone call unless we recognize the number.  Anyone can leave a message and we'll get back to them.


There are occassions when I have to break my rule.  When I start shipping shipping grain, I may not have the phone numbers of the truck drivers, so I have to take a chance on some calls.  I add them to my directory as soon as I can.


What a sad state of affairs, that one is reluctant to just pick uip the phone.  When I was a kid, over half a centruay ago, any phone call was a signal for all to run to answer what was bound to be an interesting call.  Now the phone is a necessary nuisance.

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