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Dropped cell phone in toilet

Well, it happened and believe me it didn't take me long to fish it out.  It was pretty near reflexive.  I took the case apart, took the battery out, swung it and dabbed it dry and used the hair drier.  Seemed to fix it.  I called my techy daughter and she just laughed.  "Oh, everybody does that", she chuckled.

So far, most of the stuff seems to work.  There is a little dot inside your cell phone and if it gets wet it changes color.  Mine did not, so I guess I could say it didn't get wet - at least on the inside.

Well, where have you dropped your cell phone?  In the lagoon?  Under the tractor tire?  In the grinder?  Or, if you didn't drop it (or dont' want to admit to it) tell us where you "friend" dropped hers/his.  Smiley Happy