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Google Glass: The next big thing?

I had the chance to ride along with a "Google Glass Explorer" the other day to pick up his new device (he's a beta tester), a Google Glass. It's basically a heads-up, hands-free display that mounts to your face like a pair of glasses. It has apps and allows you to accomplish a lot of functions that folks can do with a smartphone, only quite a few new unique things too. 


Here's a few highlights of our early coverage:

Google Glass is on its way to the farm

Why Google Glass on the farm?

First Look: Google Glass

Google Glass farm tour: West-central Missouri 


So, do you see yourself adopting Google Glass -- or a tool like it -- on your farm once it's available? They are really cool gadgets and have a lot of potential utility, I think. Going to be interesting to see how folks react when they're available! 

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