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Re: Mapping ????

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Delorme is just an atlas program like the google maps in a phone.  Delorme had a graphics function so I could draw in fields, color per crop, shade, add notes, name tags, etc.....   It is decent for a personally done farm map for planning.


Google maps is not much different but there is no function for adding personal details.

Every seed co. wants to get you a map of your fields but it is just a picture and I would like more.


The old delorme maps I did were nice but were the early map technology...  I am sure there is something better now that will let you save as, for the next year and change crop rotation data and names .

I have even seen one that transfered into a work bood display for each field with visual map and space for dated activity....etc..


I thought the JD software I used spraying would at some point translate to this format, but so far not impressed...




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