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Re: Office Software

I don't know of any such software and would be interested, too.

About 15 years ago, Farmbooks was an attempt at something like that.  You'd set up your machinery and then tell teh program you plowed the back 40.  It would figure all the financials, fuel left in the tank and you name it.  It was a nice concept but was too complicated and the company folded.

Universtiy extnesion programs were toying with the idea for a while.  I nknow Iowa State and Minnessota tried.  You might see if there is anything alive in that arena.

Maybe the thing to do is ignore farming and see if anyone else ahs a general program that could be adopted.  I don' tknow of any.

What I end up doing is using Quicken for the financials and Word for the notes and journals.  I deal with the documents about like I would with any other documents.  Not integrated at all, sadly.  But by keeping them discrete, I tailor each Word doucment to just what I want to record.

You can scan docs and give them a well-thought out title and store them in one file and maybe that would help.  I think there are a number of people who do that, sso maybe there is some help online with ideas somewhere.

Sorry I'm no help at all - just kind of rambling on about the same desire and lack of success.  Good lluck.

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