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Re: Portable Hard Drives

My wife has a home based business, and uses a Seagate portable hard drive for her backups.  The computer store employee recommended a hard drive 1/2 the size of your computer hard drive or more should store all your necessary files.

We wound up getting a 2-pack set off, each one is 250GB, and aren't 1/4 full yet, so we should have space to expand.  The reason we got the 2-pack is because we have friends who had a house fire.  They lost their computer, as well as their portable hard drive.  It took them weeks/months to get copies of family photos from friends & relatives.  With the second hard drive, it is at my brother's place, and every once in a while we update it.  That way, no matter what, we have a copy of our important files, as well as our digital family photos saved somewhere.  I think the 2-pak cost us around $40 or so.

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