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Re: Satellite field monitoring

It may be that the program can offer fertilizer recommendation, but when I read it I got the imipression it was for N, not P or K.  Most of us apply N based on expected crop needs and in many cases it has to be put on while one can still drive through the fields.


It may well be that for a very big operator satellite imagry may offer some specific advantages, but I think for the smaller farmer and even for the bigger one, the satellite can not compete with a competent farmer out scouting the field.  The company makes the point that it's product is best used where the farmers are not educated.  In other words, this might be fine if you have 1,000 acre fields with dumb farmers.  That doesn't fit much of the world.


The biggest problem to me is that satellites can't find things early enough for you to go in and fix it.  They find things after they are already bad.