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Shellshock & Bash Virus

There is a bad bug in a piece of software used in 70% of machines connecting to the internet.

If you see news on this one, probably best to pay attention and hope others are, too.  It let's hackers take over your computer.


This is from the NY Times:


"On Thursday, security experts warned that Bash contained a
particularly alarming software bug that could be used to take control
of hundreds of millions of machines around the world, potentially
including Macintosh computers and smartphones that use the Android
operating system.

The bug, named “Shellshock,” drew comparisons to the Heartbleed bug
that was discovered in a crucial piece of software last spring.

But Shellshock could be a bigger threat. While Heartbleed could be
used to do things like steal passwords from a server, Shellshock can
be used to take over the entire machine. And Heartbleed went unnoticed
for two years and affected an estimated 500,000 machines, but
Shellshock was not discovered for 22 years."

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