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Re: Silent revolution in agriculture

I'm not exactly sure how much modern technology as reduced the work load of today's agronomists.  I've followed mine around a couple times and they seem busy constantly, might not always be hard work, but he always seemed to be doing something.  Being able to take a tablet and a smartphone in the field with him might enable him to enter data at the time of collection and not later when they return to the office.  If you've ever noticed the work load of an agronomist today compared to 30 years ago, they are no different then anyone else.  They work about the same amount of hours in a day, but the use of ATV's/UTV 's and modern electronic devices has allowed them to cover more acres in the same given time by reducing office time.  IMO, this is a step forward, allows them to stay in the field longer looking at crops vs. Being in the office recording collected data.  Just my nickels worth.