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Re: Social Media Account

I am on LinkedIn because it has some good closed forums for discussion of aviation issues I care about.  I don't see much use for LinkedIn for me as a farmer.  I'm an old man who farms and markets conventionally.  I dont' see the need for a network in my field.  I can see where my children who are early in their careers would find it useful.

I have a Twitter account and get a lot of useful "heads up" tiype information from it from mainly ag sources.  Organizaitions that put out info that I follow.  I use it as kind of an aggregator, I suppose.  I have a few family who are only on Twitter, but twitter is mostly to follow farm and associated issues.

I have a Facebook account that tends to be more family, friends and associations.  I follow some Vietnam war vets there, we have our family reunion group, and so forth.  Generally more laid back type stuff.

I could live without any of them.  I'd probably miss Twitter the most, although I post on it the least.

So far, I do not post on one and have it relay to others, although some do.

I don't like redirects - I'm usually in a hurry and I want the message all in the text or photo box.  I don't like videos as they take to long to load and play.  I want words - few and fast.  They have to be good because I note and delete most of them.  Very fiew get followed up on.  As you see, this is mostly a media gets keeps me situationally aware of what is going on around me.  I'm very much more a consumer than producer. 

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