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Re: Sound Meter App

What is your experience with automatic noise reduction ANR headsets?  My experience is using them with airplanes.  I own 3 or 4 and don't like to fly without them.  They are set for a particular frequency range and work better on some engines than others.  They tend to take the low throb out and leave the high whines.  Most of the time that is OK, but with Garrett Turboprops they didn't do the job.  With jet engines you don't really need ANR so much.  But with normal prop planes ANR are needed.  My present plane has an engine that turns 5500 rpm (prop turns about 2250 rpm) and the conventional ANR arent' pitched exactly where I'd like them.

I've heard of some ANR for intdustrial use, and would like some for my tractors, but haven't really found much.


Mine cost anywhwere from $500 to $1100 and you pretty much get what you pay for.  What can you tell me about industrial ANR headset prices?


One key qustion is whether you can adjust or tune them.  The aviation version (execpt maybe the latest Lightspeed Zulu) don't permit that.

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