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Re: What tech products do you want for Christmas?

Dear Santa, I have tried to be a good boy this year....sorry about the things I said the day the combine broke down.

For christmas, I want a new basic guidence system, and a automatic spray controler to go with it.

I want our local internet provider to have wireless service sooner than the summer of 2016.  But to be prepaired for

it i would like one of their wireless wifi router, a couple of wifi repeaters, some ip outdoor wireless cameras and a

weather station that will broadcast to the internet.

I would also like some sort of book that will teach me all about the new electronics and how i can interface them all


Also, i'm told i need a hearing aid, and most of them are electronic now days.

I would also like to ask for the whole suite of products from i would not have to log my blood sugars, or

record my weight, or blood pressure, and do an activity log.....all of which would auto be logged, no more little paper books

to write in, also a lifetime subscription to bon' app or calorie counter......where i could just speak to the smart phone, it

will look it up, and log all the particulars such as carbs, etc, and also document what I ate, again, no more little notebooks.


I also want a new computer printer, that does everything, fax, copy, etc, is wireless, can print from my smart phone

and also print pictures from phone and camera wirelessly....the boss also wants it to be able to be able to make

transfers, so she can make t-shirts and things for the kids and like with team names, etc.


lastly a medic alert for my mom