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Re: Which Cell Phone

I don't know.  If you use a lot of apps, then get a phone with good apps.  For example, pilots use apps that are vy far best made for the iOS system, so they're stuck with Apple.  But if you don't use a lot of apps, then things like durability, battery life and so forth would fit in.

The iPhone battery is built in.  That is a reason for me to not want one, but maybe that doesn't matter to others.

I guess phones are important in range, as ar carriers.  

I'm in the process of getting a new phone and I'm going to get a Galaxy Note 4 when I get around to it.

If you use a phone only for simple telephone use, a less expensive version on a no-contract plan may work well.  I'd get a carrier with good coverate.

I started wtih US Cellular, didn't like their customer support, switched to AT&T and didn't like their customer support and prices, switched to iWireless and I like them but their coverage is not always adequate and am not probably going to switch to Verizon.

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