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Windows 8

I put Windows 8 on my desk top computer.  I knew it would be frustrating, but figured it was something I had to work through sooner or later so decided to do it.  I'm not sure I'm glad I did.  Windows 8 was designed to be used with a touch screen device and works better than with a mouse and keyboard.

W8 messed up my monitor settings.  I run two monitors, one landscape and one that is rotatable that I use in portrait mode.  W8 always resets the monitors so they are both in whichove one monitor 1 is running.  It takes me some fiddling to get them back and they won't stay.  Samsung says it is writing new drivers.

I promise I don't know much but here are a few things I think I know - no promises.

You can use the Windows key on your keyboard to get in and out of the Start screen.

In the upper right hand corner with the mouse you can get these 5 or so "charms" to come up on the right of your screen.  One of them is Search.  One is Devices but you can only work with devices it recognizes.  Settings is what it says, but it's not like you are in Device Manager in W7.

 Sometimes I find the easiest thing to do is go to the Start screen, go to desktop and do like I always did in W7, except there are a few things that don't work the same and I haven't figured out.

There is a way to get all your W7 icons to show up and you can decide which of them you want to move into the W8 start screen.

The deal with W8 is it is a whole new philosophy and I don't have it figured out.

I've been told the thing to do is simply go on line for help.

As you can see, I'm stubmlign about and find it very frustrating.  I've heard you can buy a W7 overlay for W8.  It's tempting, some times.


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