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Re: 2 green rows and 6 yellow rows

Assuming you have the same variety planted in all 8 rows, because some varieties have a much lighter color green than others, it sounds like you are experiencing nitrogen deficiency from more carbon in the soil or on the surface for the 6 rows versus the 2.  Do you have a chopper head or some other machinery that tends to windrow the residue or leave 2 rows cleaner than the other 6?  If the corn was healthy at the 4 leaf stage the ear is developed then and later at the 8-12 leaf stage the number of rows are determined, so a little stress between the 4 and 8 leaf will not hurt your yield potential. 


I would guess that you will soon see an improvement in the color of the 6 rows as the carbon breaks down and the nitrogen cycle catches up with the needs of the crop.