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2012 / Year in review

This is my take on what has happened OR didn't happen on my farm in ECIN . First off NEVER , NEVER , NEVER say to your wife , while sitting out on the patio one night , have'n a cold beer , say --- this may be the best stand of corn I have ever had ! a few days latter seedling blight came calling ! as far as mine , it was OK just one field that had a very little bit in it , others ? replant - some big time ! Then came the dry weather ! I spilt app. sidedress my corn with my Hagie , one pass of 30 gl. around 8 to 10 inchs tall then another pass of 30 gl around waist to shoulder high . I was waiting for a good chance of rain before i made my second pass and then I got it ! weather gal ( BTW she is as hot as this summer was ) SAID it's a NO miss deal over the weekend ! I had enought 28 to do half the corn on farm , so Saturday morning - early --got started ,around noon on Sunday I was out of juice and here came the rain ! 3 drops in total ! Made a call to the fert. dealer very early Monday and told him to hold the other loads of 28 comeing this way , no rain , no more 28 was going on . No it didn't rain so no more 28 was put on this season . One thing I did see was that the pre plant NH-3 corn looked alot better than my 28 corn , the roots were heading down to find water and mine was 4 inchs deep and 15 inchs away in the middles , after a few lite showers it finally greened up . Then again , one night sitting out on the patio , I told my wife , that was the first time i ever had a peice of equipment make me money just sitting in the barn lot ! ( patting my self on my back ) THEN she said , just look at the money you woulld have saved if you didn't put on any of the second pass on ! boy they have a way keeping a guy's feet on the ground ! lol Soybeans / spidermites / i was very pro active / checked the fields every day , it was time to pull the trigger and i smoked them ! The next day / night while sitting on the ? you guessed it , the patio , my wife said she just could belivie how they had greened up ! those little mites were sucking out any mositure there was ! Did notice that they seemed to like my Channel 3303's the best , the Pioneer 92Y75's really didn't have that many in them , but got smoked too ! I then resprayed them 3 weeks latter for bean leaf beetles and stick bugs . This is what I found , around the house , I left a half pass or more for buffer strip and then around the neighbors house . This was high pressure area for mites , lawn grass , when cutting them reset monitor and cut the unsprayed part , then reset and cut the sprayed next to them , the sprayed made 40 and the unsprayed made 20 --- in both strips , the diff would probably not be this high out in the field . just a test for me . Did lay out 2 test plots on the second pass for beetles , diff. was 4 bpa to the good for spraying , bugs do alot more damage in dry years !!!!!! Back to corn / i had one field that had half of the second pass on it , ground pretty much the same , I coud wait to shell this field to see IF i had made the right decision ! The mositure was the same - all 24 to 27 % , and yield ???? no diff. at all ! one thing I did notice was that in the black dirt i would seee monitor hit 150 or so , in the non second pass it was more constant but over all yield -- no diff. in bu's . well , I'm glad this year is in the books and CAN"T wait for the next adventure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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