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300 bushel yield goals?

Does anyone have a 300 bushel corn yield goal?   If you do have a 300 bushel yield goal, Do you use foliar applied fungicides?, Foliar fertilizer?  Apply all your fertilizer in one shot or do you split application with side dressing?   Do you use no-till or conventional till practices?  Is there a sit standard for population when aiming for this high of yield?  I imagine its over 35,000 plants an acre?   


I know mother nature has a lot to do with corn yield.



Another question I have is we have variable soil types where I farm.  anything from silt loam level hill tops to rocky side slopes and that is all on the same 80 acres.   Some have told me in order to bring my whole farm average up I should "fix" my poor ground.  I look at it a little different, wouldnt I be better off to micro manage the better ground with higher inputs then I would try to "fix" that poor ground?  

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