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Re: Bean Pics

Thanks Ken.  There`s problems around here too, see crops put in early, even "too early" are fairing the best.   April 13th, I think is nuts around here, but they do it year after year and come out smelling like a rose. So, this year the nutty early planters had warm weather and got off good, guys like me early May were good, but the few that planted corn after the 10th of May had trouble, it was cold/wet and turned dry, many of those re-planted June 1 and they have a wreck.  



With beans too, those planting late May had poor stands, some sat in dry soil until end of June.  We`ve been in a mild drought (even too dry for me)  but about 1/2 what we needed just before it was too late.   But many swear by fungicide corn and beans every year buying into the propaganda of "12 bushels better!!!"  .   But one guy was talked into fungicide in 2012 drought year, on the test non-applied field it was actually a bushel better yield the agronomist said "Aw it was a dry doesn`t pay on dry years"....."well why the hell didn`t you tell me that before you sold it to me????????"   Smiley Happy He claimed all they did was drove on beans and cost him a bushel in yield.  


But this rust deal is a whole new animal.   Good Luck Ken.

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