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Calculating fertiliser blend rates?? Help....


For years we have been drilling Urea (46:0:0) @ 60kg to the hectare, and MAP (10:22:0) 100kg to the hectare, through seperate boxes down the same tube. We have decided to have it blended at the Fertiliser plant to save handling on farm. So the problem is i cant seem to get my head around the actual blend figures and how to get them. I know if i have 100kg of MAP that it should be 10kg of N and 22kg P. The urea is at 60kg/ha so that would be 60% of 46 = 27.6 kg/ha N. So does it become 37:22 @ the rate of 160kg/ha or do i have to take into account that out of the 160kg the Urea is only 37.5% and the other 62.5%. Please help my fried brain.Smiley Sad

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