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Re: Can You Live Without Glyphosate?

I could get along without glyphosate just fine, it`s basically a post grass killer that has no residual and you have to pay the $8 tech fee.  In beans you have a lot of post grass options, in corn maybe instances of grass escapes and the 3 or 4 broadleaves that Roundup still is effective on.  I have a burr cucumber problem in the peat and the only control is spray a late post Roundup and it still kills cucumber.   Cucumber germinates deep and will grow through a preplant  spray.   So Roundup does still have a purpose.



Talking about banning a mostly infective Roundup, it might be a "Martin Niemoller" deal where, "first they came for the Roundup and then they came for the Atrazine and Lutherans".   Smiley Happy