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Chemical Question

I don't quite have the chemical experience that most of you have so I've got a question.  Can I tank mix 2 different brands of the same chemical?  For example, can I mix dicamba from company brand A with dicamba from company brand B?  I've got two different brands of dicamba as well as 6# Ester 2,4-D.  This should only affect 1 maybe 2 tank mixed loads.  When I use the remaining of last years left over brands I'm going to have quantity for a partial load.  I don't think the dicamba & Ester will run out on the same load, so I will possibly have two different tank mixed loads.  My chemical Rep. Told me to avoid tank mixing different brands if at all possible but that's where the conversation ended.  If I must leave the yard with a partial load so be it, but was hoping it wouldn't make much difference.