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Re: Corn herbicide question

Apparently you must not have planted Glyphosate resistant corn...because virtually the entire country has jumped on that bandwagon. With conventional corn..we have a lot of very effective products to use against Giant Ragweed. The best product is dicamba...or for a lower volatility go with Clarity(or it's generic equal Sterling Blue). There are those that say it makes the stalk more brittle on the corn..but if you can't get the stalk through the header because of all the giant ragweed it won't be much fun either way. Spray it early, or..spray it later with will clean all the ragweed up. Add a little atrazine if you like..or just find some Marksman or it's generic equivalent. If you have an extremely sensitive area to Clarity can go with Buctril/Atrazine..and add just a little atrazine and an ounce of Stinger. It's very good at cleaning up missed Giant Ragweed..and gives you some residual too. Only caution is not to spray it when the leaves on the corn are too may cause some spotting. I have more escapes with grasses these days than broadleaves..mainly because I grow a lot of popcorn..and can't use Balance on I end up buying some Accent to have on hand for post grass control.

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