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Re: Dicamba damage

I have not heard of any dicamba damage around here.  It`s funny, all winter long there were meetings on how wonderful this technology is and they`d show slides on how stabile their new formulation is, susceptible beans right next to the xtend beans weren`t touched at all and the only problem was with those going off label.  My seedsman said xtend beans are higher yielders and everyone will plant them in 2018.   


Most everyone sprayed Clarity30yrs ago and it didn`t seem like that stuff had near the problems this "safer" dicamba product has.  Maybe those of us using it then were sufficiently respectful of it.   Now it`s "big farmer politics" red diesel in the pickup and mix a generic Chinese dicamba with the safe stuff and you add this "Hotline" and you get a mess.   Anyone with a problem of their garden not doing good or trees dying has to blame someone else, so they call the Hotline.  


But that bubbled leaves on beans, the experts always said that`s soybean mosaic virus, but that does look a little different than diacamba damage.       

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