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Re: Dicamba injury

I have not heard of any cases in east-central Iowa.


If dicamba damage to soybeans is being mitigated by farmers who don't use dicamba planting a dicamba tolerant soybean in "self defense" that may cut down on the big acres that are reported as damaged.


On the other hand, my sense is that if trees are getting implicated that is going to have a significant effect on how herbicide practices are viewed by the non-farm public.  State lawmakers will find it very much more difficult to oppose a group of garden clubs who complain that their favorite tree is damaged by dicamba or glyphosate or any other crop, and we're going to get laws or at least discussions that are not favorable to farmers.


Sew the wind and reap the whirlwind.  Bayer may wish they'd kept the Monsanto name as a Judas goat before the dicamba issue is resolved.  Dicamba-tolerance could be the most damaging GMO trait every pushed.  Of course, some scientists predicted that the first atomic bomb would blow up the atmosphere.  Maybe I'm being chicken little.