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Re: Dicamba injury

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There needs to be a mechanism for reporting incidents to state depts of ag WITHOUT pre-supposing an ensuing "investigation", simply a phone verification with affected parties, for those working with each other -- otherwise, there are likely more unreported incidents than there are reported incidents.


I will admit that I do not know what all is requested/involved/required on my state dept of ag website -- I went to the website, but all personal info, etc, is required to progress to next page of reporting mechanism, therefore one cannot see what all will be requested/required BEFORE entering info.  I did not want to make the situation worse by starting an "investigation" that seemed unnecessary.


If not already an option -- It would help if the spray operators were required to report (to state ag dept) incidents they have identified or that are reported to them, with them then being able to initially opt-out of investigative actions. The recipient of the damage could then also have the same option to opt-in or out of investigative actions.  That way either party could opt-out OR begin the investigative process, and more actual incidents would be reported.  If either party opts-in, then investigate, otherwise just verify the incident info with a phone call or two.


Obviously, I still believe this to be true -- OFF-TARGET DICAMBA MOVEMENT IS STILL UNACCEPTABLE