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Re: Dicamba injury

Yep, that's probably true, but sucks if they do that.  I have some fruit trees in back yard, borders a field, and a landlord that has the same, part of my decision to stay with LL beans.  Burndown drift from neighbor actually killed my persimmon trees, though really didn't care about them.  Burndown on my own beans killed a few peach trees, a couple of small walnut trees, and maybe a 10-yr old hickory tree (can't tell if it will come back next year or not yet).  Biggest thing for me though was on some other ground a few miles away -- neighbor over there post-sprayed dicamba, and it drifted over my LL field for over 1/4 mile, damages not yet determined, but my beans were R2-R3 at the time he sprayed -- I still think yield impact was minor, yet the guy who sprayed lives right by my field and never called me about it, waited until I saw it and asked him about it, then initially tried to blame it on something the road crews maybe sprayed on roadbanks, tried to blame it on other area farmers, etc., before finally agreeing that it was caused by drift from his field, something that anyone with any sense could readily determine based on location of fields and where most damage was visible.  Neighbors beans were planted later than mine, were smaller, and post-sprayed later, though likely within whatever rules Missouri had for this year.  Am also reasonably certain that the custom-sprayer's records would show everything was fine (perfect spraying conditions).  The other problems with reporting to Dept of Ag (I didn't do that) -- this guy is a life-long friend, though that's a little strained right now, and Dept of Ag not only looks at spray records from the neighbor, but also mine (no problem), and all the other neighboring bean fields within some distance (3 other guys) -- a total pain in the arse with those 3 other guys also getting piissed.