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Re: Drought Tolerant Corn

Jim probably wouldn't ask me but.................


His opening issue is pretty self explanatory......... when we live in a world that needs a new idea every day, then relabel another old one...


Jim is right seed companies so far , are playing fast and loose with the truth   

Yield testing and drought testing has been going on for decades on every farm ----- is some areas.

Nobody buys the milo that falls down in dry years .... like the big yielding pioneer varietys of the last 50 years that make a big head of grain but have to be harvested with a front end loader because it canabolizes the stalk and roots to finish..  (its like that at those pioneer meetings--the farmer knows nothing , Daaa.  And the paid rep... after a 3 hr training course talks for 3hrs nonstop.  every guy knows they select for one thing...big yields ....then tell you to plant it so thick they will hold each other up.)

Yet these chemical companies will sell that farmer experience with a DT label and charge $50 more for the research..... the old farmer seed producers thought was the companies responsibility.


DooooPoont gets involved, they will put a short skirt on a young kid out of school who had 1.5 hr training and sell you corn seed that can be planted upside down,  then charge another $80 per bag for the new gyro gene development process (and the vegas training for the skirt).


The few corn varieties that did come from gene selected dry tollerent plant materials(something they actually worked on..) had early testing in this area and we found them to have the "stay green" gene that does not always translate to the "yield" gene in the end.

Its like the yield would stay together  longer and the drive by picture was great... but the yield fell off the table sometime before the combine got greased.  Or somebody stole the grain out of the ears.


In DT Jim's right the hype made up most of the cost of research...... it is just the old method..but     unfortunately as the chem companies were self righteous and ego embellished... they moved most of the research and gene research away from the dry areas and got "smart",,,,, they promote the drought tollerent and its testing in areas that don't need it......(where it works)


Hey.................psst.......289.. thanks for listening to Jim.  Didn't see ya in the shadow....   I came into the big SF crop talk room and thought Jim was talking to himself over there in that corner.   Im gonna slip into cattle talk and see if there is any furniture left to steal.........or maybe a donut left from last week.... 

Every room here has an echo in it   I swore I heard Jim 4 times from down the hall.


Take care..