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Re: Fertilizer Questions

   Your questions are really a local issue.  Different soils have naturally occurring higher and lower levels of K and P.  As far reaching as the internet is it if of little use for us 100s of miles from you to advise you.  Personally I see little use of anything but potash on beans.  But my ground is naturally high in P.  I spread 90# K  to the acre every couple years.  But, and this a big fact.  When I plant wheat I have to pour the fertilizer to it as wheat uses up the P.  My soil tests showing the lowest levels of P is the fields I plant a lot of wheat in.  As to mag. my agronomist advises it makes the crop look good but is of little value.  You can spend a lot to make a crop look good for road farming but it's the return on investment that counts.  I also have found the RR beans and planting 15" rows with a planter instead of a grain drill in 71/2" rows to be beneficial.  I am really impressed with the RR2 beans.  This year they beat my old favorite stand  by RR1 beans by 12 BPA.  Hope this helps but remember your soils may react totally different than mine or others who may advise you.  It really is a local issue.

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