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The corn left to be harvested, that is.  We are talking 50 MPH sustained winds, and gusts up to 70 MPH, in corn that is down from 13-16% moisture, much of it with brittle stalks.  I got done just before it came, and yesterday was helping a guy down the road, who had at minimum 10% losses by 4 PM yesterday, when I had to head home, and the big winds weren't here yet.

Still no rain, and talk of 3 combine fires, as well.  Makes you really appreciate the firemen.  Dry as a bone, winds whipping clouds of dust off of beanfields, or dryland fields that were cut for silage (which is quite a few).  I consider them pretty heroic, out there in those conditions.

One guy down the road, cut his dryland corn for silage, then clean-tilled the field (double-disked) I think with the idea to plant wheat.  The picture coming off his field yesterday, looked like a scene from the dust bowl in the 30s.


Around here, most of the smaller farmers are actually done harvesting, but there are a lot of acres the big guys have to cover yet, and some fields are going to be harvested in only one direction after today. 


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