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Re: Harvest Weed Management Control

I saw Bob today, he was saying all the modes of action that some rye weed is resistant to in Australia. He said when waterhemp gets resistant to group 4 and 15, its all over as far as chemical control so like you say, we have to control the "weed bank".  FMC is rumored to have discovered a new mode of action, but he`s seen that before, there`s a lot of regulatory hoops to jump through before it gets to market at an affordable price.


But those chaff/seed collectors for combines, they require an extra 100hp on the combine and don`t work well in humid weather.   But as a kid, we used to combine with the old model 30 pull type John Deere combine, 2 rows 38" and they had a attachment back of the 20 bushel grain tank where you could attach a feed sack and collect weed seed. It wasn`t complicated, back then it would be filled with mostly foxtail seed, sometimes in the peat, giant iron weed (Giant ragweed) seed.  If the beans were relatively clean maybe a 50lb bag of weed seed per acre or so.