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Re: Herbicide Antagonism

At one of those ISU crop advantage meetings they were talking about weeds are germinating later in the summer...I think it was Giant Rag.  I`m lucky yet roundup still kills it for me.  What I`m trying to do is get to a one pass system where I can, Resicore or Corvus and then use a separate treatment if needed as a rescue like Status.  That way if you have a pre down you`re you`re not behind the 8 ball, like coming in for final with your trim tabs at 65 then all you have to mainly worry about is steering.


Last year Resicore + Atrazine worked great and it was a truly one pass program, but the company will pay if you have to do a clean up, so it seems the best deal in the long run.  But in the peat I have burr cumber, roundup kills it and do Halex GT at pop can height and roundup just before lay by.