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How are the crops in your area?

Just wondering how everybody's crops are doing. It should be late enough for most to have an idea of what there corn and some of there beans will do this year. Here on the Michigan, Indiana and Ohio lines things are looking pretty good. Corn took a beating early with heavy rains here followed by 90+ degree heat with very little rain for a month at pollination. On my farm I would guess my corn yield in the 120 bu, to 130 bu an acre range.... not great but still a crop. Beans are another story, our beans are some of the best I have ever seen. We have had good timelly rains as of late. There will be many in this area harvesting 50 bushel beans this year. Last year my wife and I took our honeymoon to Colorado and we saw crops off I-80 all along the way, but this year we will not get the cornbelt tour so I was just wondering if anybody would want to give an update of there area. 



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